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The Story of Jose Rizal
Austin Craig / Lulu.com (2005-12-29) / - 1 users
購入:  2010年05月25日 1,000円 所有
読了:  2017年02月01日 星5つ
・THE PLOT*The image is different from the one I read.
He was good at commanding about 20 languages. His poems had some power to touch people. He was a skillful ophthalmologist who learned in France and Germany. He loved his country: the Philippines and he desperately asked for the mental and physical independence from Spain. His idea influenced on some organization aiming at the freedom even in a violent way. Since he was too influential, he was alleged involvement in the extreme independence movement. He was sentenced to be shot. It happened when he was only 35 years old. After his death, the Philippines came alive; the rebels grew in number. Now that most Filipino are so proud of him.

・THE IMPRESSION(the second time I've finished reading this book 2017/2/1)
I bought this book when I visited Fort Santiago, the Philippines. At Fort Santiago, you can see his footprint marks on the path toward the execution place, Bagumbayan Field. Jose Rizal wanted to face the firing squad since he said he was not a traitor; however, the soldiers had been ordered to shoot him in the back. At the last moment after he had been shot, he quickly turned around and fell down with his face to the sky. I couldn't help crying when I read the scene.
Shinto the Kami Way
カテゴリ:洋書 洋書 / Nonfiction 更新日:2017年02月01日 03時49分34秒 2017/02/01
購入:  2010年07月29日 1,108円 所有
読了:  2017年01月31日 星2つ
Can you tell me the difference between Kami and God? Shinto, one of the oldest religions that already turned into some parts of Japanese mind will show up in this book and be instructed in English. You can learn the origin, the indigenous faith, the mind, or the procedures in Shinto through the book.

・THE IMPRESSION(the second time I've finished reading this book 2017/1/31)
I got aware that I live in a cultural world based on Chinese kanji characters. Most Japanese native speakers are able to picture some stuff with kanji characters even though those kanji characters are unfamiliar to the speakers. Once those kanji characters turn into something alphabetical, you can no longer count on such a cultural background. You might find it a bit hard to picture what stuff in the shinto world written in English is. On the contrary, each and everything in this book are very informative and useful when you're considered yourself as an interpreter or a guide for foreign tourists.
谷本 誠剛 / 大修館書店 (1997-03) / 1,944円4 users
購入:  2017年01月20日 1,944円 所有
読了:  2017年01月21日 星4つ
Can you tell the difference on the characteristics between stories based on Japanese cultures and ones based on English cultures? You'll be able to get aware of the gaps and similarities that both lines of tales through this book. Also, the auther talked about language comparison in this book, which is really informative.

・THE IMPRESSION(the first time I've finished reading this book 2017/1/21)
I found this book so enlightening. The author showed us in his book several stories coming from Japan and Western countries, all of which were so attractive. Also, this book is instructive from the point of linguistic view: particularly paragraph.
1001 Great Jokes: From the Delightfully Droll to the Truly Tasteless (Signet)
Jeff Rovin / Signet (1987-04-07) / 723円1 users
購入:  2014年12月20日 723円 所有
読了:  2017年01月18日 星1つ
Over 1,000 jokes, riddles, quips and puns according to a lot of subjects. You can enjoy such a variety of American jokes through this book.

・THE IMPRESSION(the first time I've finished reading this book 2017/1/18)
I've got a bunch of vulgar, naughty, jokes from this book; however, I don't think most audience agree with them. They're a bit hard to be used in public. Not all jokes touched me because of my poor vocabulary; therefore, I think this book will get funnier as my English skills are improved. I'll try this book someday again.
嫉妬のお作法 (フォレスト2545新書)
川村佳子 / フォレスト出版 (2014-06-07) / 972円4 users
カテゴリ:本・雑誌 本・雑誌 / 心理学 更新日:2017年01月03日 00時19分36秒 2017/01/03
購入:  2017年01月01日 972円 所有
読了:  2017年01月01日 星3つ
"Envy" or "Jealousy", what exactly are they? In what kind of situations do you feel a twinge of envy? What kind of people tend to become the envy of others? Are there some differences according to gender? How are you able to deal with when you feel jealous/envy? You'll get aware of something behind your jealousy or envy and learn how to control them through this book.

・THE IMPRESSION(the first time I've finished reading this book 2017/1/1)
I've been thinking about my speech topic for Toastmasters Club international speech contest in 2017. The speech theme has something to do with jealousy or envy. Sometimes people get jealous or envious. Like a monster irritable on waking, your jealousy or envy can rage within you, and you could get sick and tired of yourself. Another vicious circle goes on. How do we escape from such a horrible vortex? I just thought "accept" might have been a key to open the door. I was right. I found similar hints in the book. I've found out a new path for my speech.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
J. K. Rowling / Scholastic Paperbacks (2004-05) / 7,416円1 users
カテゴリ:洋書 洋書 / Children's Books 更新日:2017年01月01日 18時16分39秒 2017/01/01
購入:  2010年08月05日 7,416円 所有
読了:  2016年12月31日 星4つ
Harry Potter's third year was kicked off with some bad news. Sirious Black, a murderer who killed multiple people one time on the street, escaped from the deadliest prison, Azkaban. According to the adults around Harry, the killer seemed to have something to do with him; however, no one told him about the terrible prisoner, which made Harry become curious about him. Practical lessons by the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Lupin, usual troubles with Professor Snape, Quidditch Cup, a bunch of events would happen to Harry Potter.

・THE IMPRESSION(the fourth time I've finished reading this book 2016/12/31)
I found it enjoyable to get some hidden plots as my English reading skills were getting improved. This time, I tried to compare the original with the movie in the climax when Harry Potter chanted the Patronum charm against a ton of the Dementors trying to such the soul from Sirius Black. The descriptions in the original, I think, wasn't as dramatic as the movie.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (US) (Paper) (2)
J. K. Rowling / Scholastic Paperbacks (2002-10-22) / 4,115円3 users
カテゴリ:洋書 洋書 / Children's Books 更新日:2017年01月01日 18時09分48秒 2017/01/01
購入:  2007年11月29日 4,119円 所有
読了:  2016年11月29日 星4つ
Harry Potter's second year at Hogwarts! The new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Quidditch, another Weasley family member, and Dobby the elf, a lot of new things at his second year fascinated and annoyed him. But beyond that, one diary crept over him and worked behind the scenes. The letters written by blood on the wall saying "The heir of Slytherin" made Hogwarts students with pure-blood delighted and ones with mud-blood frightened. Harry knew those actions were related to "The Chamber of Secrets", which was a hidden place secretly created by Slytherin within Hogwarts. The Chamber also had a legend; a horrible monster lived in the Chamber and it killed a student fifty years ago. Now the Chamber was finally opened and started seeking another victim. Harry Potter could solve this incident? And who was behind the conspiracy?

・THE IMPRESSION(the third time I've finished reading this book 2016/11/29)
It's been a long time for me to read over the book. I watched all the series of the movies while reading this and enjoyed hidden plots such as a fang basilisk. It was fascinating that the Expelliarmus Spell was what professior Snape showed Harry at the dueling club.

The movie wasn't as serious as the book. I prefer the book.
細谷 功 / dZERO(インプレス) (2014-11-27) / - 69 users
購入:  2016年10月17日 1,944円 所有
読了:  2016年10月22日 星5つ
Things need to get more specific/concrete so that they get easier to understand/imagine. On the contrary, it would be more beneficial to take advantage of what you did and abstract them since they can turn into something versatile. Plus, by telling the difference between specific and abstract, or by getting aware of the flow from abstract to specific and the other way around, you can distinguish alternative decisions from binary opposition, which can be confused among the people on the Internet. Such misunderstanding can cause some meaningless troubles on the Internet. This book will help you go up to another upper phase by making the abstract theory more specific. You can't beat this.

・THE IMPRESSION(the first time that I've finished reading the book 2016/10/22)
Actually, this book showed me another way to sort things out in preparing speeches. There're multiple layers in thinking; something specific can become something abstract to another thing. Maybe this book might be a Bible to me in making speeches.
100の思考実験: あなたはどこまで考えられるか
購入:  2016年10月17日 1,944円 所有
読了:  2016年10月22日 星3つ
What would you answer to him/her if a pig asked you to eat him/her? What would you think if computers took a charge of politicians and governed the country since they wouldn't commit any crimes? 100 questions lie ahead of you. It sounds better for you to think something through the book, not to read the content of the book.

・THE IMPRESSION(the first time that I've finished reading the book 2016/10/22)
I just wanted to get "another line" in thinking before the Division F Table Topics Contest in 2016. There's no absolute answer in each question that the book has. The thing is how deeply you think about or how widely you imagine each situation. I haven't read such kind of this book before. For me, it was a good opportunity to meet another dimension that I have. Someday, I'd like to read this in English, not translated one.
Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (Wicked Years)
Gregory Maguire / Harper (2007-09-25) / 625円6 users
購入:  2016年07月20日 625円 所有
読了:  2016年10月21日 星1つ
Dorothy beat the Wicked Wictch of the West at the famous story "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." How did the wicked witch grow up? Was she a natural born wicked witch? This book tells you that things have many kinds of aspects and they can be changed from the way you're looking at.

・THE IMPRESSION(the first time that I've finished reading the book 2016/10/21)
I already watched the musical before reading the book; that was my first fault. I have too poor vocabulary to get the film on the screen in my mind; that was my second fault.

The final chapter, THE MURDER AND ITS AFTERLIFE, was the most touching one in the book. In other words, the other chapters for me were all hard to keep reading. Always "who's SHE?" circled in my mind(a bunch of pronouns in the lines). At the last scene, the conversation between Dorothy and the Witch, it was so moving. Elphaba might have been so pure that she became narrow-minded.

I nearly gave up reading this; however, attractive expressions showed up every time I felt like throwing the book away. Maybe this book has some magical power.

I'm sorry, but let me rate this story single star. Someday, in the near future, I'll try to re-read this after my English skills get improved.


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